LEGO: When Marnie Was There (Lego Omoide no Marnie) is a video game based on the film When Marnie was There

Levels Edit

Prologue: The Tale of Princess Kaguya Edit

Characters: Princess Kaguya, Sutemaru,

Locations: Emperor's Palace

Enemies: Japanese Arrowman

Newcomers: Princess Kaguya, Sutemaru, Celestial Being (flute),Celestrial Being (drum), Okina, Ona, Japanese Arroman


Chapter 1: Anna get asthma Edit

Characters: Anna Sasaki, Miyoko

Locations: Playground, Anna's apartment

Newcomers:Anna Sasaki, Miyoko, Labros, Preschooler (Boy), Preschooler (Girl)


Chapter 2: The Oiwas Edit

Characters: Anna (Summer), Kiyomasa Oiwa, Setsu Oiwa

Locations: Train Station, Oiwa House

Newcomers: Anna

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