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Toto​ro is the title character in My Neighbor Totoro. He has been a spirit from the forest, as well as simply an animal. He has made several appearances in popular culture.

Plot OverviewEdit

Totoro first appears sleeping in the forest. Mei Kusakabe stumbles upon him, identifying him as Totoro, an animal from her picture books. Later in the film, Totoro waits by the bustop without any shelter from the rain. Satsuki Kusakabe gives him a spare umbrella. Totoro is excited by the shelter and the sounds that the rain makes. He leaves on a strange Catbus.

He appears one night with two smaller Totoros, and Mei and Satsuke join them in a dance, making the seeds they planted to grow into a giant tree. He then takes them on a ride on his flying, spinning top. He is inferred to be what makes the wind blow.

Totoro sends Catbus to find and rescue Mei when she gets lost, after Satsuke comes to him for help.

Totoro is an unseen observer during the ending credits.

Totoro is widely believed to be a spirit and guardian of the forest, though Haiyo Miasaki has publicly stated that he is actually a rare animal. Due to the fact that two smaller Totoros appear in the movie, it is likely that there is also a female Totoro living somewhere in the forest.

Looks Edit

Totoro is mostly grey, with a whitish tummy with seven grey half-moon shapes on it. His has a very large mouth, six whiskers, and long claws. His ears are shaped like trees, and he has a stubby tail. He communicates by making roaring sounds of varying levels of loudness.

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